Finding the Right College Career Advisor

Choosing the right college career advisor is an important decision. Even if you choose to work with an established company, you still want to find a person that has specific insight into where you want to head and what you need to do to get there. If possible, take some time to meet with the professional in advance and bring along a few questions that will help you decide if this is the person that you want helping you plan out your future.

Experience in the Industry

There are some people that do a great job as a college career advisor. They have plenty of information on how to get into the workforce, how to create a good resume, and even how to set up a perfect interview. However, if you are looking to begin work in a specific industry, there may be things that set this job apart from some of the others. You need someone that has worked in the industry in the past or currently holds down a job in a similar field.

This college career advisor will be able to tell you exactly how the workforce is currently doing, what other applicants are doing to set themselves apart from the others, and what steps you can take to get a head start. A teacher may not understand what it takes to work in the field of engineering, for example. Your goal should be to find someone that has something specific to offer you.

A Successful Reputation

You want to learn from the best and your college career advisor should be someone that has found success in his or her current industry. This is the type of person that will be able to provide you with advice. You want to follow in the footsteps of the best. At the initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask the professional about his or herself. You need to know where the job has taken this person and consider whether or not this is the same path that you want to follow. The more information that you have about this person’s professional life, the better.

Someone to Relate to

Even if a person has a lot of experience in the industry and is at the top of his or her field, if you cannot relate or communicate with this person, there is a good chance that this is not the college career advisor for you. You are going to be spending considerable time with this person learning about how to put together a resume and cover letter or discussing which types of internships and programs will best suit you and your future plans. If you cannot work with this person and keep things moving in a positive way, it may be time to look elsewhere.

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Finding the Right College Career Advisor in 2020
Finding the Right College Career Advisor in 2020

By Andrew Stratton

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