College Career Counseling - Assistance Planning for the Future

College Career Counseling – Assistance Planning for the Future

It is never too early to start looking into college career counseling. While most programs begin around a person’s junior year of post-secondary education, with the uncertainty of the future job market and financial concerns, students can benefit from an early start on planning for the future.


College career counseling starts with an initial consultation. Professionals meet face to face with a student to learn more about his or her background and future goals. Before the meeting, a questionnaire is completed with basic information about the student including current area of study, work experience, and outside activities and associations. The information on this document will drive the first meeting.

During the consultation, the student will learn more about the given field and what it takes to become more marketable when the time comes to apply for a job. There are always going to be multiple people applying for any given job and the applicant needs to understand how to set him or herself apart from everyone else. While general topics are discussed, many students sign up to continue to college career counseling.

Different Services Offered

Once a student has signed up for college career counseling, he or she benefits from regular meetings with a professional. These meetings can continue to be face to face or if necessary, over the phone or even online with the help of programs like Skype. Different topics are covered, including assistance creating a resume and self-evaluation for students at different increments in their academic experience. Each meeting provides beneficial information to students looking to get ahead in the competitive job market.

By providing direct assistance and giving clients the tools to make their own improvements along the way, college career counseling can make a real difference in a person’s future. There is no doubt that with the help of a professional, a person can gain insight into the road that lies ahead, and make those important decisions that set them on the right path.

Making the Investment

These services do come at a cost, however, but many potential clients look at them as an investment into their future. Just like going to school and gaining a education gives a graduate an edge over other job applicants, working with a professional in the student’s specific field and gaining valuable information along the way helps. Goal setting and planning encourages the client to look ahead and keep focused on the future.

If you are a junior in post-secondary education and want to learn more about where you are headed, set up a consultation with a local company that provides services to students looking to plan out their future. Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do, this is a great place to start.

If you would like to advance your job opportunities after school, consider signing up for college career counseling. Visit for more information.

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College Career Counseling - Assistance Planning for the Future
College Career Counseling – Assistance Planning for the Future

By Andrew Stratton

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